4 reasons why you shouldn’t get into a serious relationship in college

People will fall in love at some stage in their lives. You should know yourself, increase your capabilities and improve yourself through relationships. Many people fall in love for the first time in college. But it is often a mistake to get into a serious relationship in college. Here are the reasons why.

First relationships doesn’t last most of the time

Most people have their heart broken in once at least. You need to learn from your first relationship and move forward. You should learn and grow to become a stronger person.

You will remember your ex constantly in college

In college, you will remember your high school experiences. The memories will be coming back to you. If you have dated someone back in high school, then you will keep on remembering that person, and it will hold you back from moving on.

Chance to meet your ex

Many people date several times in college. If you are a party goer, you might end up seeing your ex at any of these parties. It’s hard to avoid your ex when you are in college.

You get distracted

In college, you focus more on the emotional aspect of relationships. This may hamper other important things like studies. You lose the ability to judge things logically as emotion clouds your mind.

College is supposed to be the best part of your life as you are going to build up your foundation to do well in future. Serious relationships in college can hamper your goal.

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