4 ways college students are different now

There is always generation gap when it comes to learning thigs in life. College life is no different. The college people today are not the way we were when we were in college. Here are the reasons why they are so different.

Not hanging out with friends much

During our time, average freshman used to spend more than 16 hours socializing every week. Now, over the past decade, it is seen that they are spending less time in socializing.  They are now more inclined to virtual social networking.

They didn’t party at school

They have less prior college experience in partying. So, when they get into college, partying is something new they experience. They can often lose control of them when it comes to drinking and staying up late night.

They are more depressed

Many college students now have mental health issues. They often suffer from depression. In the past, college students were stronger psychologically.

They start planning for graduate school

Many college students now plan for their graduate schools. So they need more student loans and financial assistance from parents. It takes them a longer time to become financially settled and think of having a family.

When you are in a college, you have entered a completely new world. You will face many obstacles in terms of studies and relationships, but you need to get up and move forward. A real world is waiting for you outside the college, and you need to prepare yourself for that.

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