When you get into college, you enter a different phase of your life. You get confused about how to approach people, what to wear, where to go, etc. Here are some resources that can be helpful to make your college life more enjoyable.

Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus

By – Kathleen A. Bogle

Hooking up refers to having sexual activities without any commitment among college going students. This book is based on a study done by the author who is an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice. She conducted 76 interviews with college students about the hooking-up culture. The book portraits the complex relationships the young college students are getting into. It’s a great book on youth and sexuality.

Through the Eyes of a Man: The Truth about College Dating Revealed to Women

By – Dr. Corey Guyton

The book reveals the realities of college dating to women. The book will give young women an insight into the actual mindset of college men so that they can avoid unwanted situations that can affect their entire life.

Date-Onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game

By – Jon Birger

The book tells that there is a deficit of man in college. So, this shortage of college-educated men is very frustrating for women. According to statistics, there are three eligible men available for four eligible women. This unequal ratio makes it hard to find a date. The books tell why it is becoming hard to find a date.

These books will give you a picture of dating life in college. All these books are very helpful in knowing the truth about college dating. So, these books are worth reading.